The Charleston House

on The Plaza

~Since May 2004~

3130 The Plaza - Charlotte, N.C.

Owners - Ron & Patsy Jones Goodwin

Operators - Ron Goodwin & Ron Hill

The Menu

Low-Country Style Breakfast

Old Charleston Buffet Breakfast (M0nday-Friday)

Country Sausage, Cryspy Bacon, Creamed Chicken, Fish of the Day, Chef's Special, Assorted Breakfast Pastries, Fluffy Scambled Eggs, Got Buttered Grits, Home Fries Potatoes, French Toast, Hot Buttered Biscuits & Jelly, Seasonal Fruit, Chilled Juice, Hot Coffee -- $6.00


Early Morning Specials

Two Eggs w/

Bacon or Sausage - $3.05; Liver Mish - 3.40, Corned Beef Hash - 4.30, Salmon Cake - 5.50, Country Ham - 4.60, Two Prok Chops - 6.50, 8-oz. Steak - 7.80

*Served w/Home Fries or Grits, Toast or Biscuits, Coffee



Charleston Style large Shrimps and Grits - $6.50, Pan Fried Fish & Grits - $5.25,

*Served Toast or Biscuits, Coffee

Salad Platters

Griddle Hot Cakes


Other Suggestions

Danish, Home Fries, Grits, One Egg, Toast or Biscuits, Bacon, Corn Beef Hash, Sausage, Country Ham, Liver Mush, 8-oz. Steak.

Folly  Island Shrimp & Grits - $13.50 - Tender Local Shrimp sauteed w/smoked andouelle sausage, gently stewed w/fresh tomatoes, garlic and Sweet onions and white wine served with creamy store ground grits.

Edisto Fried Shrimp - $12.50 - Select shrimp lightly buttered and fried served w/ fresh fried tomotoes and cole slaw.

Market Street Salmon- $11.50 Grilled Salmon; herb-crusted salmon fillet covered in low-country blend of herbs ans spices served with creamy cucumber-dill sajuse and fried sweet potatoes and other vegetables.

Charlotte Special Feature- $8.50 Ron's Special Southern Crispy Fried Chicken served with Red Rice and one other vegetable.

East Bay Street Roasted Chicken- $9.50 Whole roasted breast in honey and balsamic served with macaroni and cheese and other vegetable.

Up the Road Prok Chops - $8.50 Grilled or Fried Trim excess fat from chops, seasoned chops with seasoning served with mashed potatoes and other vegetable.

Sarah Goodwin Barbecued Ribs - $9.50 Simmered, covered baby pork back ribs, cut in serving pieces and seasoned.  Then baked basting often with sauce, served with two vegetables.

Uptown Down South Steak - $18.50 Peppercorn crusted New York Strip 14-oz. rolled in crusted black peppercorn grilled and topped with homemade Bovines sauce compliments our steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions, served with mashed potatoes.

King Street Ribeye Steak- $16.00 12-oz. Ribeye Steak marinated in Kentucky Bourbon Sauce grilled and served with Fried Sweet Potatoes and one other vegetable.


Coffee or Tea, Milk or Juice, Hot Chocolate

John's Island La' Carte Lunches

Fish Fried or Baked and Red Rice - $6.50, Fish Shrimp or Baked Shrimp w/ Red Rice - 7.25, Renaissance Fried Chicken w/Macaroni & Cheese - 5.50, Spicy Baked Chicken w/Macaroni & Cheese - 5.50, Baked Pork Chops w/Mashed Potatoes - 5.50, Barbecue Ribs w/Potato Salad - 6.50, Peppered Steak w/Onions w/Rice - 7.50.

Morris St. Soup - $4.25

10 oz. Bowl Soup w/Rice & Hot Cornbread and Ice Tea

*with or without Low-Country Meat

Monday & Friday - Okra; Wednesday - Black Eye Peas; Tuesday & Thursday - Lima Beans


Catfish Raw Seafood and Chicken Pasta - $17.00 Shrimp, scallops and chicken with egg noodles, mushrooms and asparagus in a Lobster Cream Sauce.

Charleston Harbor Salads & Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Chicken Breast Chop w/Lettuce, Tomatoes, * Basil Mayonnaise, Shrimp Salad Sandwich or Salad, Boiled Spicy Shrimp.


Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Green beans, Glazed Carrots, Corn Pudding, Fluffy Rice, Red Rice, Collard Greens, macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Cole slaw, Fried Tomatoes, Fried Sweet Potatoes.

Custom House Specialty

Charleston Burger - $5.50, (Grilled in Soy & Lemon Sauce), House Steak Burger - $6.50, (Select Cuts from aged Choice)

Steaks served on fresh Hoagie Roll

*Served w/French Fries

The Sweet Taste of Charleston

Peach Cobbler $2.00, Strawberry Shortcake - $3.50,  Bread Pudding - $2.00, Banana Pudding - $1.75, Hot Fudge Cake - $4.00.

"Ask About Our Total Catering Program"

Folly Beach Beverages

Peach Punch - $1.00, Lemonade - $1.00, Juice - $1.25, Iced Tea

- $1.00, Milk - $1.00, Coffee - $0.90, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke -  $1.00.




L-R: Mike Lilly, Janice Guthrie, Ralph Herbin, Arthalee Johnson, Rochelle Duncan, Wiley Duncan, Gloria Duncan, Carol Lilly, Patsy Godwin, Ron Godwin

Foodservice Consultant - Herbin Design, Charlotte, NC

The floor Plan

(front) Dining - Lobby & Bar - Kitchen - Storage (rear)