Ethan Alexander McGill

May 13, 2012                                         Julu 7, 2012

My Birth Statistics: November 15, 2010 --  10lb. 1oz.

Mom: Katie Johnson

 Daddy: Eric McGill

 My GiGi's webpage: Barbara Motley McGill

Nana & Papa: Cindy & Marshall Johnson

Aunt: Felisha McGill (Aunt FeFe).

Great Aunt: Jackie Walker

Webpage assistant: Ralph

My Diary:


"roll him over, roll him over, throw him in the pan."                               I got a cookie.                                                                       Sliding


Hand trucking  July 7, 2012                                      June 30, 2012


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My first Thanksgiving


In deep thought...

Playing with Momma

My Mustang

This is how I roll.

My first toofies

With Mom & Dad

with Aunt Felisha

getting dirty

Me & Auntie


Ethan's Report Card - July 7, 2012

Favorite Book ~~~ "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Walking/Running ~~~~~~~~~ A+

English ~~~~~~~~~~~ A-

Physical Ed. ~~~~~~~~~~ A++++(Plays a lot, a whole lot)

Science & Engineering ~~~~~~~A