James E. Alston

Brother, Father, Friend, War Hero

 (1947 - February 1978)

James is remembered as our classmate at Charles H. Moore, Washington Elementar, Lincoln Jr. High  & Dudley High Schools.  James was smart, brave, athletic and articulate.  As a youth he once earned the "Boy of the Year" at Hayes-Taylor YMCA.

The Siege of Khe Sanh was on of the toughest battles in Vietnam.  Khe Sanh was located just south of the DMZ.  Tens of thousands on North Vietnamese Army soldier surrounded the U.S. base and fire rockets mortars and small arms fire 24 hour during the three month siege.  Relying on the special skills of a Green Beret, James found two Marines who became separated from there unit while on patrol.  He led them safely back to their base at Khe Sanh.  James reached the rank of Specialist 4.

Once out of the Army James went to New York to start a life.  He met a young lady, Sharon Smalley, whom he married and had a son, James Alston, Jr.  He had a second child.

"I am glad that members of Dudley High class of 1965 got to know my brother", writes his sister Carolyn Alston (Dudley 1966).  "My grandmother raised us and she tried to instill in us to do good.  I miss my brother a lot".



Vietnam  Service August 12, 1967 - August 11, 1968

email: Carolyn Alston  (sister)