May 20, 2013

"When I heard the sad news about my good ole' childhood friend, I was saddened.  Then I thought of all the good times we had at Rena Bullock.  You, my friend 'Pop', were my Hokee Pokee partner during all the dances at school.  Both of us were about two feet tall and trying to dance.  You were always next to me during picture time.  I remember, the last time I saw you at our 45th reunion from Dudley, the photographer asked you to stand next to me.  I told you after all these years you were still next to me when pictures were taken.  I didn't get a chance to see you much after I left Greensboro, but I always asked about you.  So my dear friend, I will always remember the good times we had.  God took you home to take you away from pain and suffering." 

Love you. 

Mary Goins Duncan, better known as Mary Lou.

Noblesville, Indiana


Ralph & Pop - April  1968 (Tet Offensive)

Marble Mountain Marine Air Base

Danang, Vietnam