December 29,2001




Mrs. Ledwell, Mrs, Enzlow, Mrs. Turner



Mrs. Nannie Dick, Mrs. Pearl Moore, Mrs. Pat Wiseman, Mrs. Ledwell


Recognition of Former Teachers and Staffers

Mrs. Mamie Turner

Mrs. Frances Enzlow

Mrs. Bernice Ledwell

Mrs. Pauline Carmon

Mrs. Patricia Wiseman

Mrs. Pearl Moore

Mrs. Nannie McAdoo Dick

Mrs. Jacqueline Lyons Jeffers-Wright

Ms. Magene Watson

Mrs. Daisy Meachem Boone

Mrs. Mildred Graves King

Mrs. Nevada Shoffner

Mrs. Mary Pass

Mrs. Shirley Reese Douglas

Mrs. Barbara Mebane Herbin

Mrs. Barbara Williams

Mr. E.H. Holmes

*Recognition to Mr. Q.H. Holt, former principal

**Recognition to Dr. Pearl Bradley, niece of Mrs. Rena Bullock

My Memories of  Goshen School and Rena Bullock School

by Mr. Charles Donnell

Good evening. What a joyous occasion this is, the Goshen and Rena Bullock School Reunion.  I say thanks to the committee for considering me to be a part of this event.


As I reflect back over my school days, I have many fond memories.  I spent most of my school years at Goshen School where my first grade teacher Mrs. Rena M. Bullock. The Rena Bullock School was named after her.


Mrs. Garrett was my second grade teacher.  If you knew Mrs. Garrett, she not only taught Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, she had a subject of her own, “BEHAVIOR”.  And if you did not do so, she had a way of making you do so.


Mrs. Connie Mebane was my third grade teacher.  Mrs. Alma Taylor was my fourth grade teacher.  But in all of their strictness they loved us also.  They prepared us well for the future.


Mr. F. B. Morris was our principal at that time, our counselor, our basketball coach, our part-time bus driver and, yes, he was a comforter to all communities in the time of a lost loved one.  He made everything all right with his acknowledgements.


In the year of 1952 I was a member of the first graduation class from Rena Bullock School.  Mrs. Frances Enzlow and Mrs. Wells were my teachers.  Mrs. Enzlow organized and directed the first band at Rena Bullock.  Our first band uniforms were white button-down sweaters with the band emblem on the pocket.  These teachers were not only teachers at school but they were also active in the communities.


So almost all of my teachers are gone on, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ, Mrs. Frances Enzlow, you are still here with us.


So I say thanks, teachers, for your special way of caring and bringing out the best in all of your students.

~Charles Donnell~

Ms. Evelyn Morehead, Ms. Vickie Goins

Mrs. Pearl Moore, Mrs. Frances Enzlow, Carol Enzlow, Mrs. Mamie Turner

Valerie Feaster, Shirley Teague Williamson

Randy Mebane, Donald Thomas

Mike Lilly, Barbara Herbin, Joe Williams

Mrs. Ozie Mae Pankey, Elgin Moore

Antonio Linney, ??? & Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Carol H. Lilly, Mrs. Hattie Herbin, Mike Lilly

 Barbara Motley McGill, Nellie Ruth Feaster Riley

Robert Evans, Sandra Sellars

Ray Linney, Mrs. Mamie Turner

Charlie Moore, Randy Mebane, Mrs. Turner

Reginald Cathy

Mrs. Nannie Dick, Mrs. Pearl Moore

Mrs. Mamie Turner, Ralph Herbin

First Grade Class, 1953-54

Mrs. Dot Harris Furcron

Dudley High School Class of 1965

Charles Gladney, Christine Haith, Jackie Shoffner,  Mildred Warren, Harold Evans (standing), Carol Enzlow, Reginald Cathey, Charlie Moore,  Michael Lilly, Elliot Johnson, Larry Pankey, Jimmy Headen, Howard "Pop" Hall, Ernest Isley (standing), Virginia Mark, Sylvania Rogers, Bobby Moore, Harold Enzlow, Mary Lou Goins, Nancy Owens, Tony Hall.

Graduation from Ninth Grade, 1961-62

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Remembering  "Rube"

Remembering  Robert Evans

Carol Lilly - "A Contractor's Best Friend"

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