Hey Lil Ralph, I saw the picture. It made me feel happy and sad (but in a good way) That was the last outing we had gone to. Didn't know it would be the last time. You know life is strange. You never know what to expect one day to another. I guess that's why we should live for today because tomorrow is not promise! I do miss Robert so much but I do know he's in a better place (where he can have peace now).  Thanks for the poem. It was very comforting. You know Lil ralph, people have really been nice to me . I didn't realize people respect us as a couple that much. I've got so many cards,  flowers, Phone calls, gifts and letters from all of our friends in town and out of town. Robert was such a likable person. And he did'nt meet any strangers. I know I could go on forever talking about him but I won't burn your ears any longer. It just helps me when I talk about him. I can tell I'm getting a little stronger now . Thanks for taking the time to email me .                  **********************Over and out******************Sandra